The day was Wednesday, the 8th day of November, 2017. Firm Choice Schools was agog with excitement as parents, friends and well-wishers started trooping into Firmchoice school from 10:00am to watch another epic event of the school – THE BALLET DAY 2017.

It was a very colour day in FirmChoice school as pupils were well attired for their various Ballet Dance Presentations.

Parents who attended confessed they’ve never seem it like that before around here, and that the only place where they’ve been privileged to watch a thing like this was on television, when it’s been done abroad. The were excited and flabbergasted when they saw their children doing great things in Ballet dance they never knew they could.

It was a most memorable day, that both pupils and parents cannot forget in a hurry and will continue to look up to the next one…

We give glory to God